Melitta Cafina XT4

The Melitta® Cafina® XT4 provides quality in the cup for both the host and every guest. This is clear from the drinks it produces
time after time and the high level of reliability and it‘s low maintenance requirements.

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On the inside, the Melitta® Cafina® XT4 boasts the established Melitta Professional high quality standards.

The stainless-steel brewing unit enables wear-free operation, increased piston contact pressure for espresso specialities, variable brewing times and a maximum net weight of 20 g for intense large quantities (double doses).

The pump motor is particularly powerful and ensures stable water pressure, even extraction and consistent coffee quality over the whole brewing process.

The grinder, with its 75 mm grinding discs, works particularly smoothly and creates even results. Thanks to the micro fine sieve, the XT4 can grind extremely finely and can therefore create an intense aroma with very little product.

Available with one or two grinders

Integrated Cocoa-/Instantmodule

Integrated Cocoa-/Instantmodule

Hot water for tea

Manual milk foam in barista style with separate steam lance possible

Fresh water connection or mobile solution

CIP - easy cleaning without removal of parts, HACCP-checked and certified

Perfect for the counter or self service